4 Steps to Immediately Take After a Car Accident to Preserve Your Personal Injury Claim

Chances are, when you’ve just been in an accident, you’re not thinking too hard about the legal implications of the situation. This is completely understandable. The good news is that the steps you would probably take anyway will actually help you preserve your claim. Here’s why. 1) Call the police. This seems like a rather obvious recommendation, but the reason might surprise you. Regardless of whether the Read More

Start the New Year with a Clean Slate: 5 Ways to Financially and Emotionally Move on After a Bankruptcy

The new year represents a chance for new beginnings and this is particularly true for individuals who have made it through a bankruptcy the prior year. Bankruptcy is a particularly grueling process and coming out on the other side is no small feat. Still, it can be difficult for someone who has been through it to find the courage to get back into the ring. Here are some tips to easing the transition. 1) Change Read More

Avoid These 5 Mistakes If You’ve Been Arrested in Kansas City

There may come a time when you find yourself in the position of being arrested for some type of criminal offense such as driving under the influence (DUI) or drug possession in Kansas City. Hopefully you will never actually find yourself here, but if you do, here are the 5 mistakes not to to make if you’ve been arrested. 1) Say too much. The right to remain silent is possibly one of the most well known in the Read More

CONSUMERS BEWARE! Equifax’s “Solution” to Data Breach Waives Your Rights to a Class Action Lawsuit

The recent news of Equifax’s data breach has brought out an important, but often overlooked, question that should be on the minds of all who are potentially affected: Are you reading the fine print? In this case, the fine print that thankfully someone did read was in the Terms of Use of TrustedID. What does this have to do with Equifax? As a result of the recent security breach that put the personal and financial Read More

5 Actions You Can Take to Restore Your Financial Health After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of those life events that most Americans would just as soon avoid. It is no picnic to go through a bankruptcy proceeding and the effects can be felt for years to come. While bankruptcy is hard, it’s not the end of the world. Here are five actions to take some of the edge off the post-bankruptcy hit. 1) Keep your ultimate goal in mind. That goal is to get your credit score back up. Bankruptcy Read More

Injured at Work? 5 Steps to Immediately Take After the Accident

If you have been injured while at work, it can be a terrifying event. In addition to having to deal with the difficulties of a potentially serious injury, you will also be worried about your position at your job and how you will maintain your income. If you handle the situation properly, these are issues you shouldn’t need to be concerned about. Depending on the details surrounding the accident, you may qualify Read More

All Is Not Lost: 5 Tips for Getting Approved for Credit Cards or Loans After Bankruptcy

After a bankruptcy is discharged there are several things that you’ll need to be aware of. One of the biggest things people discover is that their FICO credit score has dropped significantly. This makes it much more difficult to get approved for a credit card or a loan. While getting back into debt shouldn’t be rushed into, there are times when it is necessary to get approved for some type of credit, even in the Read More